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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

Latest News

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  • Star of the Week (Wk 5)

    Published 22/02/18

    Congratulations to the week 5 winner of  Star of the Week: Josh Newton.  Well done for all your hard work.

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  • Star of the Week (Wk 4)

    Published 22/02/18

    Many congratulations  Ashley Akkaya who was nominated by staff in recognition of all his hard work before half term

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  • Complete Option Pathways Year 9

    Published 09/02/18

    Year 9 students have been provided with Option recommendations directing them to routes at Key Stage 4 that we believe offer the best chance of leading to positive outcomes.  We have done this to help students make informed choices. However, student preference and Subject Leader input are also important factors within the Options process.

    If there is a subject that you wish to pursue at Key Stage 4 that is not part of the recommendations provided please record it on the Options form and discuss it with the relevant Subject Leader and at your Individual Advice and Guidance session.

    Please review the complete list of Option pathways below.

    Students must choose one subject from each Block.


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  • KS4 Pathways Booklet - AMENDED

    Published 02/02/18

    Dear parents/carers and students,

    We have come to a very important stage of every student’s educational journey.  Key Stage 3 is nearing its completion and the time has come to support our Year 9 students as they consider which qualification routes to follow at Key Stage 4.  The broad range of qualification pathways at Fisher More is exciting but also daunting for students as they consider which courses they will not only enjoy but also achieve in.  We understand the importance of achievement and ambition and we support these values in our young people.  The Options process at Fisher More is designed to support students in their journey to achieve the very best outcomes that they can.

    Please click on the link below to access the on-line booklet.

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  • Star of the Week

    Published 01/02/18

    We are now in the run up to the final examinations in the summer. Each week staff are nominating their Year 11 ‘Star of the Week’ – a pupil they think is going the extra mile in their lesson to succeed.

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  • Year 5 Creative Arts Sessions

    Published 19/01/18

    Thank you to everyone who attended the first Year 5 Gifted session on Tuesday evening.

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  • Year 9 Options Letter

    Published 11/01/18

    The letter below will be issued to all Year 9 pupils on Friday morning to begin the Options process.

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  • Christmas Jumper Day

    Published 09/01/18

    On the last day of term, we held our annual Christmas Jumper Day to provide food for the local food bank in Colne, Open Door.  We had a fantastic response from the children, resulting in 33 boxes of food being given to them.  As you can imagine, Open Door were absolutely delighted with the donations which go to help and support families in the local area.

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  • December Newsletter

    Published 21/12/17

    December 2017

    As we come to the end of the second half term it has been business as usual with a very clear focus on teaching and learning.  All year groups have been formally assessed on the progress they have been making right across the curriculum and suitable interventions planned and implemented.  Hopefully, as parents/carers you have all received a report for your child this term.  Year 11 have completed their mock examinations in an extremely mature way; their behaviour was exemplary.  Their results will be reported early in Spring term with an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at their Parents’ Evening on Thursday 25 January, 2018.

    We continue to develop links with our feeder primaries with our more-able after school sessions.  This term, 23 pupils from our feeder primaries and Wheatley Lane attended five numeracy sessions with Mr Bradfield-Morgan, Assistant Curriculum Leader for Maths.  We thank him for developing these sessions which have been so very well received by both parents and children.

    Mr Atkin has also organised various events for Pendle primaries on the school’s 3G facility, which has also been very well received and supported.  From its opening back in October, the 3G pitch has gone from strength to strength, being used in both PE lessons and by teams in the local community.

    As well as Burnley FC literacy sessions, 11 pupils have been attending the Achieving Moor sessions organised and co-ordinated by Mr Scott.  This is a new initiative designed to support pupils in changing their attitude to learning so that they can achieve more.  Both these initiatives are having a positive impact on our pupils.

    This year we have welcomed the return of the Christmas concert, which has just played two nights to a sold out audience.  We thank Miss Daley for all her hard work in preparing all the children for such a fantastic showcase of singing, dancing and acrobatic talent.  As a result of her hard work, we now have a large KS3 choir, as well as various singers and musicians who are all more than capable of sharing their talent with us as they ‘let all their bright colours shine’.

    The Senior Prefects have also been busy rising to the challenge of organising the parishioners’ Christmas party.  19 visitors came into school on Friday 16 December, 2017 for an afternoon Christmas tea.  They were entertained by the children who had performed in the Christmas concert and received a gift from Father Christmas.  We thank The Hut group for their extremely kind donation of gifts for the party, as well as for the other support they have provided recently, including providing toasters for form groups  so that Form Teachers can give toast to their form at the start of the day.

    On the last day of term, children are welcome to wear a Christmas jumper instead of their shirt and tie, in exchange for a donation of non-perishable food for the Open Door food bank in Colne.  Over the last few years we have donated an enormous amount of food to this cause thanks to your generosity, that we know goes to benefit many families in the local community, particularly at this time of year.

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  • Year 5 Gifted Maths Sessions

    Published 21/12/17

    Well done to all the Year 5 pupils who attended the Year 5 Gifted and Talented sessions with Mr Bradfield-Morgan.  There really were some outstanding mathematicians.

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  • Christmas Tea Party

    Published 19/12/17

    On Friday we held a Christmas tea party for parishioners from the Good Shepherd Parish.  The whole event was organised by the Senior Prefect team and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

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  • Governor Vacancies

    Published 08/12/17

    Governors are appointed for a term of four years, although there may be differences at individual schools. Some of their responsibilities include:

    • planning for the school's long-term future
    • setting the aims and objectives for the school
    • setting the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
    • monitoring the overall performance of the school
    • allocating and monitoring budgets
    • making sure that the school provides for all pupils including those with disabilities and special needs
    • being a source of challenge and support for the Head teacher, and
    • appointing senior members of staff.
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