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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem at Fisher More!

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem at Fisher More!

Crime and punishment became compulsory for Years 7, 8 and 9 this week at Fisher More. Don’t worry parents: your perfectly behaved sons and daughters were not encouraged to start a crime spree in the East Lancashire area. Instead, every department in the school provided ‘law-breaking’ lessons for all Key Stage 3 pupils.

Teachers and pupils alike revelled in the mayhem that followed:

The blood was pumping and the adrenaline racing in PE as pupils attempted their very own ‘Prison Break’. Scouring the school for clues, pupils raced against time to break free or be rehabilitated to return to the ‘gen-pop’!

Science was transformed into an episode of CSI for the day. Budding forensic scientists learnt to look beyond the obvious, and hard evidence was searched for under the microscope and in the test tube.

In English, pupils were asked to solve the 2500 year old murder of the Athenian hoplite, Agathon. Sifting through the various clues and evidence with the keen eye of a young Sherlock Holmes, pupils were full of bright ideas and wild speculation. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

In Maths, we discovered a certain ‘Harry Potter’ character should not be let near sharp objects! Could our pupils crack the code? Of course they could!

Wanted posters were springing up in Art with a few likely characters putting inflated prices on their own heads. If there is a spate of graffiti in the Pendle area, we are certain our pupils are not to blame, despite showing real promise in their Graphics lessons.

Hopefully not a taste of the future but in Food Technology pupils were asked to construct a dish for a prison menu for just £1! No files were found in cakes but garlic doughballs with cheese seemed to hit the spot.



Geography looked at prison systems around the world with pupils asked to put a number of important people on trial. Surprisingly, Mr Crabtree was not one of them, despite forcing the ‘lazy’ and ‘naughty’ to make dog-tags in the cell for hard labour. What about Mr Reeves’s appearance in an orange jumpsuit? We always knew his fashion sense deserved Death Row.


In Drama, Year 7 pupils were sent to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread. It was 1788 though so remember everyone - a raid on Oddie’s is not a guarantee of a free holiday! Who’s complaining about double Maths now?

Role play in RE led to one pupil being crucified!

MFL donned dodgy berets and even dodgier accents to explore the French Revolution.

History ‘let ‘em have it’ as they explored the death penalty – our pupils take no prisoners!

Cybercrime in IT? Think about changing your passwords, mum and dad!

The fun just kept coming…

All sessions were enthusiastically received by our pupils. Comments that started with ‘I’d rather break rocks than study…’ (I’ll let you guess the subject!) became overwhelmingly positive as the week progressed. So many pupils commented on the fun they were having, recognising how important it was to learn from each other. They felt they were given the time to explore ideas in detail and the days seemed to fly by. It’s not often you hear pupils asking for more punishment!

Such was the success of the three days, we look forward to more fun, games and – whisper it – learning, with Fisher More’s next break from the old routine in the Autumn Term!