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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

Come to Fisher More because...

...the teachers allow students to have an enjoyable experience whilst still having a fantastic education.  All of the teachers will go  out of their way to support us and ensure to let all of our bright colours shine.

The thing I like most about Fisher More is the connection students and teachers have whilst still having access to the best education.

My favourite lesson is maths because of the skills all the department have.  The fact that they will personally support you, give you GCSE-style questions to build you up and the immense amount of maths you learn makes Fisher More the best school.

My experience of Fisher More has been outstanding; I have made so many friends and have progressed from a lower ability set to the highest.  Thank you family Fisher More!

Bryn - Year 9

The community is brilliant, it's like a big family.  The teachers here are all lovely and all there to support you.  There's so many extra curricular activities: football, netball and other sports clubs, drama club, photography club.  I personally love drama and I know I can always have a laugh with Miss Woltering.

One thing I love about Fisher More is how all the teachers want you to do so well; you can go to them about anything and they will help as much as they can.  They have given me so many opportunities that have allowed me to get the most out of high school.

My favourite subjects are drama and science and I hope to take both drama and triple science for my GCSEs.

Ruby - Year 9