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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

On behalf of all the students, we would like to welcome you to Ss John Fisher Thomas More Roman Catholic High School.

Fisher More’s ambition is not only to encourage us to be confident in our ability but also to make a valuable contribution to society.  As pupils of this school, we thoroughly believe that Fisher More achieves its goals year after year.  We are proud to be the voice of this community and we always aim to galvanise those around us to even greater academic success.

Next we would like to talk about the atmosphere of the school from a pupil’s perspective.

Four years ago, both of us made the transition from primary school to high school.  Being the biggest in primary school to suddenly becoming the smallest in secondary school was quite intimidating for some.  Many of us were anxious and wondered what high school would hold. However, as soon as we arrived, our opinions swiftly changed.  Fisher More made us feel welcome by presenting to us the core values of its loving Catholic Ethos.  These values are still with us today as we pass them on to new pupils who join our wonderful community each year.

During our time here at Fisher More, the school has given us the chance to participate in an abundance of extra-curricular activities such as sport, drama, science and a plethora of others. This has enabled us to show that we are able of working with each other to improve our experience and passion.  In addition, lessons at the school have proved to be intriguing and extremely beneficial.  When pupils start in Year 7 they are given lots of help and guidance to ease the transition from primary school.  Within a matter of days, new pupils feel as though they are a part of our exceptional community.  As pupils move up in the year groups, extra help is given to aid with preparation for GCSEs.  Revision sessions are organised at lunch times and after school to ensure pupils can achieve the best possible grades.

The thing we love the most about Fisher More is its ability to guarantee that the very best is given by each pupil – after all, pupils from Fisher More achieve some of the best GCSE results in the area year after year.  We believe that Fisher More is able to stand united – not just as pupils, not just as teachers.  We believe that we stand united as a community, no matter what your academic or sporting ability.  We work as one.  We excel as one.  We stand united as a small community in this large world, and we really do – as our school motto states – “Let All Our Bright Colours Shine”.