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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.



High school catering is very different to being at primary school.  It can be very exciting for some pupils but for others, very daunting.  The catering department are very patient with our new pupils and your child should not be afraid to ask for help.


Students who are entitled to free school meals will have a voucher added to their account after morning break.  The current value of the voucher is £2.20 and this is equivalent to the cost of a meal deal (drink, lunch and cake or pudding).  The free school allowance will then be deducted first from their account at lunchtime but if it is not used on that day, it will be removed automatically and not carried forward to the following day.  This voucher is not shown on the reval machine.  Students entitled to free school meals are able to top up their accounts in the same way as other students should they wish to buy food at breakfast, break time or extra items at lunch.

Please be reassured that when your child enters their pin number at the till, their FSM status will not be visible to other students.


Fisher More is working towards a totally cashless school.  This will be achieved by parents and carers topping up students’ accounts on line at home.

The main advantages of a cashless dining system are:

  • Speed of service, this will mean that students spend less time queuing at the reval machine and have more time to eat their meal and socialise.
  • There is less chance of students spending their dinner money on other things.
  • There is less chance of bullying or theft as students will not have any cash on them.
  • The stigma of FSM is removed as all students pay for their meals in the same way.
  • It can help families organise their budgets – payments can be made in advance for whatever amount parents wish to pay.  There is a daily maximum spend of £5 per child so there is no danger that all the money will be spent at once or used more quickly than the parent or carer would want.
  • By taking the lunches on offer at the school, parents can be certain their child has access to a nutritionally balanced menu rather than their money being spent on sweets on the way to school.


Once a child has started at Fisher More, parents are issued with a unique number and log in details for the ParentPay system.  This will allow the parent/carer to top up the student’s account from home.  Please be aware that the ParentPay system synchronises with our cashless system once an hour, every hour between 8am and 2pm.  As lunchtime is between 12.10pm and 1.50pm, this would mean that a payment made at 12.05 would not be available to the child until after 1pm.

ParentPay will only show the amount of money put on to a student’s account and not the running balance.  To do this, the parent/carer will need to register for Parentscope.  This facility is linked to our cashless system and shows what the student is eating on a daily basis.

For registration details, please email Mrs Fitzpatrick ( with your child’s name, form and date of birth.

All new Year 7 students will have their account created for them.  Their unique pin number will be given to the student and it is their responsibility to remember it and keep it safe from other students.  A photo of the student will be attached to the account so that when the number is put into the pin pad at the till, staff will check the photo against the student in front of them.  If there is a discrepancy then the account will not be used and the system will be searched manually to access the student’s correct account.

There is an automatic daily spend limit set on each account of £5.  If you want to change this amount please email

In the event of a student not having enough money to pay for their lunch the catering department will allow the student to owe for a meal on the understanding that the debt will be paid in full the following day.  If necessary, the student should speak to one of the two teachers who are on duty in the dining room and they will authorise the credit.

If you have any concerns about what your child is eating then please do not hesitate to contact the Catering Manager, Mr Panagarry either by email ( or by phoning the kitchen on 01282 865299.