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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.


An Overview of the Current Curriculum

The curriculum at Fisher More is divided into Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) and Key stage 4 (Years 10 -11) and aims to prepare all our students for further education, employment and/or training as well as being fully prepared to make a contribution as citizens of 21st Century Britain.

Key Stage 3:
The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is designed to take all our students from KS2 to the point of being ready to start their examination courses by the end of Year 9. It therefore concentrates on developing the knowledge and key skills in each subject area so that all students have the firm foundation necessary for examination success.

Year 7 focusses on smoothing the transition from the primary curriculum to the demands of the secondary National Curriculum. In Year 7, all students study the same range of subjects including the core subjects of maths, English, Science, and RE as well as the full range of foundation subjects including a modern foreign language and a range of technological and creative arts subjects. Students at Fisher More have the opportunity to study Citizenship in all three years of KS3.

Key Stage 4: Groupings vary across the curriculum in Year 7 but they are sensitively arranged so that all students are able to access the curriculum and make good progress as a result. Setting occurs in all subject areas apart from technology and the creative arts; KS2 information as well as the results from CATs tests and reading ages are used in the setting process. Setting is regularly reviewed after internal progress data collections in school.  In Year 8 all subjects studied in Year 7 continue some with slightly different time allocations across the week. This enables all students to learn a second language – Spanish. Students continue to be taught in sets in some subject areas as well as mixed ability groups in others.Year 9 is an important year for preparing all students to make the appropriate Option choices for KS4 and to complete all the necessary KS 3 work ready for the work in Year 10. All students have an opportunity to choose the language that they would like to study, French or Spanish, in Year 9. This lays the foundation for KS4 languages and supports the uptake of Ebacc. Subjects.

Fisher More offers a very traditional KS 4 curriculum with most students studying 9 or more GCSE’s.

All students study English language and literature, maths, at least two sciences, including Core Science and RE. Most also study 3 other subjects from a very extensive range of GCSE and some BTEC qualifications.
Some students study two further subjects and spend some time doing additional English and maths relevant to their needs.
There are opportunities for groups of students to attend a local college to study some subjects the school cannot offer as they require specific resources. These include, for example, engineering; hairdressing and beauty therapy, and public services. The students who attend these courses really enjoy them and benefit tremendously from them.

There are other vocational elements to our KS4 curriculum; all students complete the local Employability Award as well as undertaking two weeks valuable Work Experience. All students access a comprehensive programme of careers education and information, advice and guidance, particularly through KS4. 
During the academic year, students from different year groups can experience ‘OOBI’ days (‘out of the box’ days) during which cross-curricular themes are explored. These days can also be used to provide additional help and support to students in Year 11 in preparing for their final GCSE’s.