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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Determined Admission Criteria 2020/21

Determined Admission Criteria 2020-21

The standard admission number will be 160.  As required by law all children with a Statement of Special Educational Need naming the school will be admitted before the application of the oversubscription criteria.

If the number of applications received exceeds the places available, the oversubscription criteria will be applied in the following order:

  1.   Roman Catholic children in Public Care and Previously Looked After Children.
  2.   Roman Catholic pupils living in contributory parishes (see addendum) and who attend an associated feeder Roman      Catholic Primary School.
  3.   Roman Catholic pupils living in contributory parishes (see addendum).
  4.   Roman Catholic pupils attending an associated feeder Roman Catholic Primary School.
  5.   Other Roman Catholic pupils who have a sibling at the school (see footnote i).             
  6.   Other Roman Catholic pupils in a Roman Catholic Primary School.
  7.   Other Roman Catholic pupils.
  8.   Non Roman Catholic children in Public Care and adopted children who were previously looked after.
  9.  Children with a parent/guardian who worships in a Church which is in full membership of Churches Together in           England or the Evangelical Alliance

a.      Children with a parent/guardian who has a worship attendance of four times a month for the two years leading up to 1st September 2019.

b.      Children with a parent/guardian who has a worship attendance of three times a month for the two years leading up to 1st September 2019.

 c.      Children with a parent/guardian who has a worship attendance of two times a month for the two years leading up to 1st September 2019.

d.      Children with a parent/guardian who has a worship attendance of once a month for the two years leading up to 1st September 2019.

  1.    Non Roman Catholic children:

        a)    Children who attend a main associated feeder Roman Catholic Primary School.

b)    Non Roman Catholic siblings of children in attendance at the school at the time of transfer (see footnote i)

c)    Special cases – children who have no Statement of Special Educational Need but have proven and exceptional medical or social needs where admission to the school might best help satisfy those exceptional needs.  The Governors will take into account written medical/social reports and where appropriate will seek external specialist advice.

d)    Other Non Roman Catholic children - In this category, order of priority will be given on the basis of proximity to the school.  This will be measured from the centre of the school in Gibfield Road to the centre of the applicant’s home.  


i)           Siblings:  include children who are fostered or adopted, half brothers and sisters and step brothers and sisters residing at the same address.

ii)        Shared Responsibility: where the parents live at different addresses and share parental responsibility; the home address will be considered to be where the child lives for the majority of the week.  Governors may request documentary evidence to confirm the child’s home address.

iii)          A late application: is classed as one which has been received after the school has submitted its ranked list of offers to the Local Authority.  Where there are extenuating circumstances for an application being received after the last date for applications, and if it is before the governors have established their list of pupils to be admitted, then it will be considered alongside all the others.  Otherwise, applications which are received after the last date will be considered after all the others, and placed on the waiting list in order according to the criteria.

iv)         Waiting list: in addition to their right of appeal, unsuccessful candidates will be offered the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list.  This waiting list will be maintained in order of the over-subscription criteria set out above and not in the order in which applications are received or added to the list.  The waiting list will be maintained up to and including 31st December in the academic year of admission.

v)             If only a single place can be offered for twins or siblings who are in the same year group then the Local Authority’s system for a random draw will decide which pupil receives an offer.

vi)            In the event of a tied distance measurement between address points the Local Authority’s system of a random draw will determine which address(es) receive the offer(s).

Making an Application

Applications for admission to the school should be made on the common application form enclosed with the  Local Authority’s brochure, or on-line, via Lancashire County Council’s online admission system which can be accessed via then search the A-Z to locate  ‘School Admissions’.  Once on the site, parents/guardians can then access the admissions information.   In the event you encounter any difficulties in applying online, please contact your Primary School in the first instance. 

Closing Date for Applications

Please note the closing date for applications for admissions for Admissions in 2020 is 31st October 2019.

Letters/emails informing parents/guardians of whether or not their child has been allocated a place will be sent out by the Local Authority.   Statutory date is 1st March or the next working day.

Supplementary Faith Form

To assist the Governors in the allocation process, parents/guardians should complete a Supplementary Faith Form at the time of application.   Copies are available on the Lancashire County Council admissions website, the school’s website or by contacting the school direct.

In Year/Non-routine Admissions

It sometimes happens that a child needs to change school other than at the “normal” time; such admissions are known as non-routine or in-year admissions.  Parents wishing their child to attend Ss John Fisher & Thomas More RC High School should arrange to visit the school.  They will be provided with an application form once they have a definite local address.  If there is a place in the appropriate class, then the Governors will arrange for the admission to take place.  If there is no place, then the admissions committee will consider the application and information about how to appeal will be provided.  Appeals for children moving into the area will not be considered until there is evidence of a permanent address, eg exchange of contracts or tenancy agreement with rent book.


Contributory Parishes:

St Joseph’s, Barnoldswick

St John Southworth, Nelson

*Sacred Heart, Colne

*Holy Saviour, Nelson

*Ss Peter & Paul, Barrowford

* Known as ‘The Good Shepherd Parish’ from Jan 2010

Associated Feeder Primary Schools:

Holy Saviour Primary, Nelson

               St John Southworth Primary, Nelson

Holy Trinity Primary, Brierfield

Sacred Heart Primary, Colne

St Joseph’s Primary, Barnoldswick

Policy Determined: 6th February 2019