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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.


It is the aim of Fisher More to ensure that all students reach their full potential.  At times students will need support or intervention to ensure that ‘All their Bright Colours Can Shine’

The school has an intensive programme of intervention to help students.  These interventions are undertaken at every level ranging from in-class phase 1 support to intensive 1:1 work with individuals.  While the school take a holistic approach to intervention, we categorise the systems into Pastoral and Academic – clearly both types of assistance are closely linked if maximum progress is to be made.

When any adult recognises there is a problem with a student, for example attendance, withdrawn, emotional issues, they will discuss the individual with the Pupil Progress Leader/Assistant Headteacher.  An appropriate action plan will then be put into place.

Any concerns regarding Child Protection must be reported immediately to Mr Walmsley, Mr Scott or Mrs Murphy following the school safeguarding policy. 

Nurture Provision

A specific area where students have the chance to develop appropriate pastoral skills and have a chance to speak to appropriate adults.


A number of staff act as mentors to work on areas such as motivation, self-esteem and organisational skills.

Pupil Progress Leaders/Form Tutors

Pupil Progress Leaders will work with individuals or groups of pupils to develop appropriate skills and work on targeted areas.  These can be found on the following pages

Lay Chaplain

Students can access Tina Fishwick via referral – Please click here for further information.

School Nurse

The school operates a drop-in surgery every Wednesday lunch.  In addition students can be referred to the nurse through the Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion Room

Students can be referred to John Driver, our inclusion manager.  Here they can work on personalised learning and support put in place to help students.

Personalised Support Plan

When appropriate a personalised support plan can be designed by the Pupil Progress Leader to support students to overcome specific issues and ensure potential is maximised. 

Academic Intervention

Interventions are targeted sessions tailored to support students in order to help them achieve or exceed their target grades or levels.  These interventions take place in all year groups with appropriate students.

At Fisher More we run a wide range of interventions at classroom, department and whole-school level which are sometimes aimed at specific groups of pupils who have been identified by key staff.  Key, current data is used to guide these intervention sessions.

Academic guidance on offer include: