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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

Parent Pay

Although we do understand that not all parents might not want to make electronic payments, Fisher More is working towards a totally cashless school.  Many parents do prefer to pay in this way and so we have installed a system called ParentPay to provide this facility.

The main advantages of electronic payments are:

  • It is a secure payment method and avoids the possibility of students losing their money on the way to school.
  • There is less chance of students spending their dinner money on other things.
  • There is less chance of bullying or theft as students will not have any cash on them.
  • It can help families organise their budgets – payments can be made in advance for whatever amount parents wish to pay. 
  • By paying for lunches in this way, parents can be certain their child has access to a nutritionally balanced menu rather than their money being spent on sweets on the way to school.
  • Where there is more than one child from a family in the school, it is an easy way to make one payment across several different accounts.

How the system works

Once a child has started at Fisher More, parents are issued with a unique number and log in details for the ParentPay system.  This will allow the parent/carer to top up the student’s account from home. 

The range of items which can be paid for are listed on the system, eg dinner money, music tuition or a school trip.  Payers just need to ensure they tick the appropriate item so their payment is allocated correctly.

Refunds can be made by payers contacting the school either by phone or email; please ask for Mrs Yates or Mrs Fitzpatrick ( or

When making payments for school meals, please be aware that the ParentPay system synchronises with our cashless system once an hour, every hour between 8am and 2pm.  As lunchtime is between 12.10pm and 1.50pm, this would mean that a payment made at 12.05 would not be available to the child until after 1pm.

It is important to note that ParentPay will only show the amount of money put on to a student’s account and not the running balance.  To do this, the parent/carer will need to register for ParentscopeThis facility is linked to our cashless system and shows what the student is eating on a daily basis.

For registration details, please email Mrs Fitzpatrick ( with your child’s name, form and date of birth.

Information for new starters at the school

All new Year 7 students will have their account created for them.  Their unique pin number will be given to the student and it is their responsibility to remember it and keep it safe from other students.  A photo of the student will be attached to the account so that when the number is put into the pin pad at the till, staff will check the photo against the student in front of them.  If there is a discrepancy then the account will not be used and the system will be searched manually to access the student’s correct account.

There is an automatic daily spend limit set on each account of £5.  If you want to change this amount please email

In the event of a student not having enough money to pay for their lunch the catering department will allow the student to owe for a meal on the understanding that the debt will be paid in full the following day.  If necessary, the student should speak to one of the two teachers who are on duty in the dining room and they will authorise the credit.

What if I don’t want to use ParentPay but still want to pay electronically?

It is possible for parents to use internet banking to make payments to the school.  Anyone wishing to pay in this way should contact Mrs Yates, School Business Manager for our bank details (these will depend upon what exactly is being paid for as we have two different accounts).

For help using ParentPay

Parents can either contact Mrs Yates or Mrs Fitzpatrick directly at the school or it is possible to email us via the ParentPay system.  ParentPay also has a helpdesk for parents.