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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.


Staff  Designation
Mr I Barden Subject Leader
Mrs Helliwell Teacher of RE
Mrs P Volkert Teacher of RE 
Mr Lomas Teacher of RE 
Mrs S Sweeney Teacher of RE/Part-time Chaplain

Religious Education is studied by all pupils in Years 7 to 11. Pupils are taught in ability based teaching groups and all pupils have challenging targets for achievement in RE.

At Key Stage 3

Pupils follow a programme of study that follows The Religious Education Curriculum Directory. This has been prepared by the Department for Catholic Education at the request of Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP the Department Chairman.

In his preface, Bishop McMahon writes: ‘I hope and pray that this new edition of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory will help us to ... place religious education at the very heart of the curriculum of our schools, where it rightly belongs. It will help parents, priests and teachers to hand on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness to a new generation of young people so that they may come to understand the richness of the Catholic faith, and thereby be drawn into a deeper communion with Christ in his Church.

At Key stage 4 .

All pupils will follow The Edexcel Route A GCSE specification. Route A takes a distinctive issues based approach to Catholic Christianity with a 25% study of Judaism.  Component one is entitled Catholic Christianity and component two is entitled Judaism. Component three is Philosophy and Ethics. The thematic study part of each component will also require learners to contrast Catholic responses to philosophical and ethical questions with answers given by other Christian denominations and answers given by those subscribing to non-religious world views.

The course will enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of two religions. Catholic Christianity and Judaism.

Year 10 and Year 11 are studying GCSE Religious Studies - Route A - Catholic Christianity - Click on the link to access a more detailed content of the new GCSE.

The course consists of the following: 

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies – Specification A

Component One: - Catholic Christianity – 50%                     Exam – 1 hour 45 minutes

Content - Beliefs and teachings, practices, sources of wisdom & authority, and forms of expression and ways of life.

Component Two: - Judaism – 25%                                           Exam – 50 minutes

Content - Beliefs and teachings, practices.

Component Three – Philosophy & Ethics – 25%                   Exam – 50 minutes

Content – Catholic and Christian views on the existence of God, marriage and the family.


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