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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.


Staff  Designation
Mrs Murphy SENCo
Mrs Dearden Assistant SENCo - Visual Impairment Support
Mrs Williams SEN Progress & Attainment - Supported Study- Nurture Manager
Mrs Deptus EAL Manager 
Mrs Kilbride Speech, Language and Communication and ASD
Mrs Horth Reading Comprehension- IDL Cloud- Literacy
Mrs Hoole RE SEN Support Student Services
Mrs Godfrey Physical Disabilities - Gross Motor Skills - Numeracy
Mr Fletcher Fine Motor Skills - Technology and Creative Arts Mentor- Exam Concessions Support
Mrs Oliver Y6-Y7 Transition- IDL Cloud- Numeracy
Miss Credland Pupil Progress records- IDL Cloud- Numeracy
Mrs Wilkinson BTEC Manager
Mr Halstead BTEC Support
Mrs Clapham BTEC Support
Mrs Clarkson Nurture Manager- Pastoral Support

Provision for Additional Needs at Fisher More

The Fisher More ethos supports, implicitly, the principles of inclusion where all students, regardless of ability, have the right to access the curriculum and participate in all aspects of school life. This is fundamental in ensuring that students with additional needs make the same good progress as others. Our Learning Support team works to inspire and challenge students of all abilities to achieve their full academic potential.

The Learning Support department is integral in the school community in offering a variety of additional intervention and support for students with special educational needs and disabilities. Provision is wide-ranging and support varies for individual pupils.


All pupils complete baseline tests upon entry to the school. Formative assessments across the curriculum measure the progress of students in subject areas and summative examinations take place at structured times of the academic year. These assessment procedures ensure that pupils who fail to make expected progress are identified at an early stage.

Teachers at Fisher More set high expectations for every pupil, whatever their prior attainment. Teachers are primarily responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the pupils in their class. As a school, we recognise that additional intervention and support does not compensate for a lack of good quality teaching. Therefore, high quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEND.

The SEND Register

A pupil has SEND where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision that would not be normally available to pupils within the regular school provision. There are set criteria that a pupil must meet in order to be recorded on the school’s SEN register. A pupil does not necessarily need to be on the SEN register in order to receive additional support.

Slower progress and low attainment do not necessarily mean that a child has SEN and would not automatically lead to a pupil being recorded on the SEN register at Fisher More. Similarly, if a pupil had a range of learning difficulties or disabilities that were effectively met within regular school provision, then that pupil may not be recorded on the SEN register. Behaviour-focused difficulties would not necessarily mean that a child or young person has SEN. It is not atypical for students to be added or removed from the SEN register over time.

Equally, attainment in line with chronological age does not necessarily mean that there is no learning difficulty. Some learning difficulties and disabilities occur across the range of cognitive ability. The high quality whole-class teaching that is intrinsic to the ethos at Fisher More means that fewer pupils will require such additional support that would necessitate being recorded on the SEN register.


Learning Support Provision

The range of provision co-ordinated through Learning Support is comprehensive and support is personalised to meet the specific needs of pupils.

Additional in-school provision includes:

  • CAT testing/Access Reading baseline testing
  • Concessionary support
  • Overlay testing
  • Medical/Physical difficulty support
  • In-class support
  • Gross/fine motor skills intervention
  • Supported Study
  • Nurture
  • EAL intervention
  • Transition and Post-16 support
  • Career Guidance
  • Reading intervention
  • Speech and Language intervention
  • Dyslexia intervention
  • Literacy and Numeracy intervention
  • Social Skills/ASD support
  • Visual Impairment support and intervention
  • Extra-curricular clubs

The Learning Support Team

All members of the team are experienced providers of high quality in-class support. Learning Support Assistants have additional areas of responsibility that enable the department to provide comprehensive provision for pupils with SEND.

Contact Us:

The Learning Support team can be contacted by email or telephone.

01282 865299          

For more information on SEND in Lancashire please click on this link:  Lancashire SEND Partnership