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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

SEN Extra-Curricular

Learning Support Clubs

Extra-curricular activities, clubs and sessions are an integral part of students’ education. We offer a busy and varied programme through the Learning Support department that is tailored to benefit all pupils, and in particular those with additional educational needs.

Homework Club

When and where?

Homework Club runs every lunchtime and after school until 4.30pm in the Springboard Room.

What is it? We offer a safe and peaceful environment for pupils to complete homework. A Teaching Assistant is always on hand to help and computers are available so that pupils can complete set homework tasks. Pupils find the club particularly helpful as they can research their homework using the internet and complete their online Maths and IDL Cloud homework. There is also a facility for them to print their work if necessary.

Why we offer it: This club helps pupils to organise their homework and keep up with tasks. It provides a facility for pupils who may not have access to computers at home. Help is available for those who may be finding tasks difficult. 

Year 7 Circle Time

When and where? Second half of several lunchtimes in our Nurture facility.

What is it?  We offer a welcoming area where our Year 7 pupils can come to make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Why we offer it: This club provides a safe place for pupils to go and interact with others. It helps pupils to make friends and to establish social friendships.

Who can tell me more? You can speak to Mrs. Oliver and Miss Credland about this club.

After School Literacy Club

When and where? After school on Tuesdays in our Nurture facility from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

What is it?  This club usually begins with some light refreshments to sharpen pupils’ focus. Then our Literacy specialist Teaching Assistant delivers the session that focuses on improving spelling and developing English Key Skills.

Why we offer it: The club helps to improve spelling, reading, comprehension, phonics, writing, language and punctuation. Pupils enjoy attending as it also provides mutual support amongst peers and helps to establish friendships.

Who can tell me more? Mrs. Kilbride 

EAL Club

When and where? Tuesday and Wednesday from 3.30 – 4.45pm.

What is it?  Pupils with English as an additional language are given the opportunity to read books with each other and with our EAL specialist Teaching Assistant. Pupils explore the meaning of words and develop their grammar skills. This club also offers homework support, where pupils may bring homework in order to get help from our EAL specialist.

Why we offer it: This club helps pupils to develop their skills in English generally and boosts progress across the curriculum.

Who can tell me more? Mrs. Deptus

All of our teaching assistants are available at break and lunchtime for pupils who may need some extra support or to go to a quiet area when the main areas are too busy.