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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.


Staff  Designation
Mr D Simpson Curriculum Leader
Mr P Basquill Teacher of Science
Mr W Dawson Teacher of Science
Mr K Holmes Teacher of Science
Miss S O'Shaughnessy Teacher of Science
Mrs S Perkins Pupil Progress Leader - Year 9 and Teacher of Science
Mr R Riaz Teacher of Science
Mrs J Thomas Senior Science Technician

The Science Department is committed to preparing students for a rapidly changing world.  We seek to enhance scientific thinking skills, such as evaluation and problem solving, as well as building an essential body of core knowledge. Pupils are encouraged to investigate and question theories as well as developing their own ideas. 

Team work and communication are essential skills that are developed through practical work, which pupils find interesting and engaging. They learn the importance of careful planning and are able to design their own investigations and draw conclusions from the evidence that they collect.

We believe that every pupil should be challenged so that they reach their full potential.  To ensure this, pupils are taught in sets according to ability and are given support at every stage.

Science has huge demand in the real world for people to have an understanding of what goes on around them.  Pupils are taught about the impact human activities have on the planet and on other living organisms and are encouraged to develop moral thinking on how they can have a positive impact.

These ideas and skills are further developed at GCSE and pupils who wish to study science in greater detail are able to opt for the new GCSE Separate Sciences (2016).