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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More
Roman Catholic High School

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Let all our bright
colours shine.

Year 7

Welcome everybody.  I hope you enjoyed the last few weeks at your primary schools and have had a good holiday. This term you become part of our community at Ss John Fisher and Thomas More Roman Catholic High school.  There are many people here whose vocation is to enable you to live life to the full.  God made us all in his image and he gave us all gifts; we believe every single one of you is special, you have something you are talented at , you have something to offer, you have something you can do help yourself and others.  During your time here you have a responsibility to yourself and to your community to discover what that ‘something’ is. 

Academic success is very important but we want you to strive for more, we want you to use your time with us to enrich your lives and that of others so you can go and make a positive difference in our world.  Achieving your full academic potential, making good friends, helping the less fortunate, talking and listening to what God wants of us, is not easy.  Trying to become a successful and good person is very challenging but, if we work with you, your families, your carers and parishes, we can help you let your ‘bright colours shine.’

For those who joined us on our transition days you will remember that we pledged to help you cross the bridge from primary to secondary school. We reflected upon how some of us may be excited and cannot wait to run straight across that bridge, how some of us may be worried we may not make it to the other side or be anxious that we may fall off at some point.  Wherever you are on your journey please know that there are many people who are here to walk alongside you, so that by the time you leave us in Year 11 you will be ready to cross another bridge, full of hope for the future, secure in the knowledge that you have the resilience to cope with whatever life brings.

My advice to you is to fully emerge yourself in all that our school has to offer.  Listen, work hard, be ready to try new things, join clubs, do not give up when things go wrong, be brave enough to ask for help when you need it, be ready to say sorry and forgive others.  Be open minded, have fun with your old friends but enjoy making new ones, put your faith into action and help those in need.

Aim to go home each day happy in the knowledge that you have done your best.

There is lots of useful information on our website about practical issues such as uniform, holidays, extra-curricular activities, intervention,  however, if at any point you need further clarification or wish to discuss a matter please do not hesitate to contact us. 

I look forward to working with you and your families.


Mr M Taylor

Year 7 Pupil Progress Leader